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This policy aims to help understand how we protect the data of users, participants and company information registered on the Rookau The Strategyplace platform.

In addition, this instrument aims to provide information on how to use the software and its tools, conditions, nomenclatures, rights and duties.


Platform in a cloud environment, available as SaaS (software as a service), subject to improvements and updates, with high availability and scalable according to user demand.


Exclusive account for each client / company, access control by levels of the general structure of the platform, authentication by multiple factors, user access through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which is an extra layer of protection for username and password .


The User is entirely responsible for his conduct in the use of the Services, and must not act in a way that causes damage, hinders, prevents or in any other way jeopardizes the functioning of the Services or other Users (such as hacking, display of illegal content , displaying content protected by third party intellectual property or personal data that may violate the privacy rights of other parties or sending spam messages.


In all cases, the user has the right to delete personal or professional data and is not obliged to provide any of the data requested or collected by

Platform and may revoke the consent granted at any time.



The development and structure of the platform was developed in order to allow the use of several tools simultaneously by all areas and collaborators with the guarantee of control and restriction of access to information that is pertinent to each user.


At each level of the general structure of the platform, it is possible to select and direct the involvement of each user member, defining their access and role within the platform and each tool.

below the existing structure on the platform:

Platform Managers : Owner, Administrator, Moderator, Manager, Scenario Leader.

General Structure: Domain,   Company,   Workspace,   Tools, Scenarios.

Tools : Swot Analysis, OKR Management, Process Management, Portfolio Management, Indicators Management, Career Management (One Page), Goals and Bonus Management.


User roles : Responsible, Collaborator, Viewer .

Types of users : Members, Participants *

* Participant is a user of the general framework of the contracting company who does not have access to the platform, but are part of the company structure and can be involved and used by users in some tools.


It is the responsibility of the manager and the user members to administer the access rules of the contracting company. It is extremely important for platform managers to guarantee access to relevant information for each user member.

Owner : Domain Management; Create and appoint administrators for companies.

Administrator: Management of the Company (ies); Creates and names moderators for workspaces.

Moderator: Management the workspace (s); Creates and names Tool Managers and Viewers.

Manager: Management of the tool (s); Creates elements of the Framework; Appoints Viewers of the tool (s) and Scenario Leaders (s).

Viewer: You have limited access to viewing the tool information only.

Scenario Leader: Manages the scenario (s); Creates elements of the Tool Board at all levels.


Rookau employees are responsible for service and support on the platform. In order to offer better technical support, if needed, our employees have access to your personal data and actions performed on the Platform. These people are duly qualified and oriented to take care of the confidentiality of your data with maximum security.


Support from Monday to Friday from 9 am - 6 pm

Support through the following channels:

Website : and

Email: support @ roo


The Platform may use Cookies or other technologies to help personalize the User experience. Cookies are small text files stored in the memory of your computer, tablet or smartphone. A Cookie contains information that can be read later by a server. This information includes the date and time of your visit, browsing history, among other data that may be of a personal nature.


Cookies bring several benefits, as they allow the identification of old users when they return to the Platform, enabling them to target personalized content and / or similar services. Cookies also save time, making it unnecessary to enter the same information several times.



Acceptance of consent

We warn you that the entire text must be read carefully and, if you do not agree with the content of our terms and / or privacy policy, do not continue browsing or using our services. When you access the Platform for the first time, we will show you a screen explaining that, to use our service, it is necessary that you accept our Terms of Use of our Privacy Policy.

Withdrawal of consent

When you wish, you can withdraw your consent by sending the request to support @ .

The domain owner of your company's platform will be notified and your data will be removed from the Platform within 30 days. We emphasize that the withdrawal of consent means that you will not be able to use the Platform as described in the Terms of Use.


All Intellectual Property Rights and technologies used by Rookau to provide the services are protected in accordance with applicable laws and cannot be used or exploited in any way by the user.

The platform is owned by the company Rookau - Strategyplace Tecnologia, which licenses the right for you to use it to help you manage the performance of your company and its leaders.


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